All Euromild Products have been Naturally Purified/Acid-Reduced using the 100% Euromild Natural Process developed in Europe. This Revolutionary New Process Available in North America only through Euromild takes out Coffee’s Bitter Taste and Harshness making Euromild Smooth, Not Bitter and Gentle on your Stomach. “Euromild helps you Feel Better Not Bitter”

All Orders are packaged with the one way sure lock valve and Euromild’s special Resealable Freshness Zipper.

GST applied to shipping and handling charges on Canadian order(s) only.

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Invoice due upon Receipt.
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The Good Food Company Inc.
Thornhill, Ontario
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Code Description Price/Unit
Ordered Units
12226 Euromild 5lb / 2.27kg
Regular Whole Bean
12227 Euromild 5lb / 2.27kg
Naturally Decaffeinated Whole Bean
02115 Euromild 6oz / 170.1g
Ground Coffee Regular
Resealable Fresh Lock Bag
02116 Euromild 6oz / 170.1g
Ground Coffee Naturally Decaffeinated
Resealable Fresh Lock Bag
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